Building Services

Great communication from start to finish is the way a build runs smoothly and because you only need to communicate with your project manager, rather than all the other 30 or so people that can be involved in large build, the lines of communication are clear.

Initial Consultation

Your project manager, Ian Draper, will visit the property you wish to renovate or extend. He will listen to your plans and advise, if required, on improving or enhancing those plans. Years of experience in home renovation means he has a headful of both creative and practical ideas.

A Detailed and Itemised Quote

After the initial consultation you will received a written and itemised estimate. A detailed and itemised estimate is hugely beneficial when managing the costs of your build. It can help you identify areas where savings could be made or, if you change your mind about any aspect of the build (it does happen!) the detail in the quote will help you understand the impact the change will have on the overall cost.

Terms and Conditions

To keep the project professional and to ensure everyone understands exactly what is expected of them prior to project commencement you will be sent some terms and conditions to sign. You are welcome to see a copy of these terms and conditions just email to request a copy.

Build Schedule

Ian will manage the entire build schedule ensuring each and every tradesman is in the right plsce at the right time. He will ensure all the materials required to complete their task are organised and delivered so each trade works in and organised and efficient manner.

The Tradesmen

Ian has a substantial network of tried and tested network of tradesmen. Ian regularly checks that all their necessary insurances are in place such as public liability, ensures they comply with Health and Safety regulation and has a contract with them to ensure they provide a high standard of work and always conduct themselves in a polite, courteous and considerate manner.